"Trans e-facilitator" war ein Projekt der Stiftung Digitale Chancen in 2012 - 2014.
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Online training for multipliers started with face-to-face meetings in Latvia, Portugal and Germany

Published on: 13.02.14
Source: Trans e-facilitator

Deutsches Auftakttreffen Trans e-facilitator

At the 10th of February 2014 the online trainings of the European project Trans e-facilitator started in the countries Latvia, Portugal and Germany. Therefore the partner organisations arranged national face-to-face meetings for the participants in their countries.

The project Trans e-facilitator aims to develop and implement trainings for people who promote the usage of digital media to others. In the last year five modules were adapted and localised in the transfer countries Latvia, Portugal and Germany to pilot them in online trainings in spring 2014. In each country 15 trainees have to participate in the trainings and while the three responsible organisations were discussing how to win sufficient participants, many qualified multipliers for digital literacy submitted their applications for the training. This fact shows the importance of further education in the field. For a successful start of the online trainings each partner organisation invited the national participants and trainers to a workshop:

Germany: Eighteen trainers and trainees met at the 08th of February 2014 in Germany´s capital Berlin in order to learn more about the online training and discuss their first steps with the e-learning platform. After four hours presentation, discussion and one peppery lunch all participants were curious to start the training for promoters of digital media.

Read more about the project Trans e-facilitator on the project´s website: www.trans-efacilitator.eu

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