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A Toolkit for migrant advisors to help their clients find employment launched

Published on: 04.12.13
Source: http://migrant-toolkit.eu/


EMAT or European Migrant Advisor Toolkit is a set of tools to help employment advisers to work with migrants and organisations which provide information, advice or guidance on employment. It is intended to support them to work with migrants who are seeking employment in their new country in the European Union. The toolkit looks at the common issues that an employment advice worker in the EU will face when working with migrant clients, regardless of where those clients have come from. It aims to provide common principles, useful resources and to promote good practice for employment advice work with migrant job seekers.

The toolkit were published in English and is now available online. In future there will be further version in Czech, Polish, Spanish and German. For the English version please klick here.

For further information about the project please visit the website: www.migrant-toolkit.eu.

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