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ICT in schools - education for many children not adequate for their lerning needs

Published on: 22.04.13
Source: European Commission

Teachers need better training and support

Students and teachers are interested in digital media. The number of computers has doubled since 2006, and most schools now have an internet connection. However, the actual use of ICT (information and communication technologies) and digital skills is on a very different level within the group of students and teachers. These competences and the support for the teachers have to be improved. This emerges from a survey published by the European Commission to the use of digital technologies in european schools.

The main results of the study were the findings that only half of the surveyed 16-year-olds attend well equipped school which have technology and internet, among the nine year olds even less. 20% of students in high school have never used a computer in the classroom.Teachers are generally confident and positive about the use of ICTs for learning but they need to use their lesure time to educate themselfes in this field. There are large differences between these countries.Scandinavian and Nordic countries have the best equipment (Sweden, Finland, Denmark); while students in Poland, Romania, Italy, Greece, Hungary and Slovakia are most likely to lack the right equipment.

Therefore, the study recommends an integrated approach to ICT-based education. This includes investment in infrastructure and in the training of teachers, especially in the countries that a re lagging behind.

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the Commission and responsible for the Digital Agenda said:"ICT skills and training must be available to all students and teachers, not just a lucky few. We want our young people exposed to ICTs in school from the very beginning, and we want teachers who are confident to share their knowledge".

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